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Even though I ain’t a MMA practitioner (just like many of this blog’s readers), I do acknowledge the practicality and efficiency of the Mixed Martial Arts specific training methods. The fact that they include techniques from various contact disciplines makes this style to be sought by more and more martial arts athletes (standing, ground training, etc.).

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This article isn’t focused on MMA, but on a certain episode (and its main protagonist) from the notorious organization UFC. At the end of 2017, on 4th November to be more exact, the UFC 217 had place, an event filed with many “surprises”. Such a surprise took place when the back-then champion, Joanna Jędrzejczyk, faced the challenger, Rose Namajunas. During the pre-event interviews and face-offs, Joanna didn’t hold back from insulting the underdog Rose, from “You have no place here” to “You are mentally unstable”. The fight (which can be seen here) shocked the whole world, because the champion, Joanna, was defeated in the very first round, minute 3:03.

The secret? Besides the tough and intense trainings Rose undertook (an example here), what made her actually superior over the opponent was her mental toughness, the psychological fitness level she obtained through the infinite repetition of: “Confidence. Conditioning. Composure. Content. I’m a champion”. This formula helped not to give in to her opponent’s face-off insults, and also not to give in to the overwhelming emotions after the first knock-down she applied.

I recommend watching the entire “story” and motivate you for 2018 to be more confident in your own powers, better prepared (technical and physical), calmer (not give in to negative emotions) and satisfied with yourselves (but in continuous pursuit of perfection). Because, after all, each and every one of you is a champion, especially when you put on your karategi, enter the dojo and train earnestly to achieve your personal goals. I wish you best of luck and I’m looking forward to seeing you on tatami during this year’s competitions.

Adrian Vlăsceanu

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