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Foto: Facebook Mate Antalics

Mate and Viktor Antalics are two Ashihara-Karate fighters, from Győr (Hungary), nowadays both being members of Dave Jonkers’ Ashihara International Karate Organisation (AIKO). They started this martial arts style in 2000 (under sensei József Mosonyi’s guidance), and also playing soccer and dancing, but there was a point when they had to choose one sport activity, so they had decided in favor of full-contact fighting. At present, they do CrossFit, sprints and run long distances.

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“Our parents, who had supported us all the time, wanted to make fighting sports the most important part of our lives. Ashihara-Karate is a very complicated martial arts style, because you always have to stay focus, you have to be strong, you need agility and stamina, but first of all you must know the techniques. In 90% of situations we do our trainings together. I think the most important part of a fight is to recognize the situation, improve, adapt and overcome”, said Mate Antalics.

In 2018, the International Summer Training Camp will be organized in the city of Balatonlelle (Hungary) and they are excited about this event, because it’s a very good opportunity to meet other martial arts styles practitioners and study from each other. “Our long term plans are getting the 3rd Dan next year, in Netherlands. Also, some of our pupils are near to reach the black belt, so first of all our main goal is to support them. This is the way to improve ourselves, to study and to make demonstrations in popular events to spread our love for Ashihara-Karate”, concluded Viktor Antalics.

In November 2018, the AIKO World Championship will be held in Hungary, being the second time such an important event will be organized in this country, after 2014 NIKO World Championship. Both of them want to compete, but due to their jobs, they haven’t decided yet. But they promised that their pupils will be on the tatami and they will be ready to win the competition.