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The essence of AK MASTERS blog is passion and usefulness. Passion shouldn’t be an unknown issue to Ashihara-Karate practitioners, because maybe there are very few people who have earned money in this sport, allowing them to train professionally. And the utility is the existence of an online platform (as far as I know, the only one) which makes public any kind of information about this martial arts style. From my point of view, AK MASTERS unites all the factors that appear in this niche and offers all the possibilities for expression and promotion that I, when I was a sportsman, didn’t have and which would certainly have been beneficial not only for my evolution, but also the generation I belong to.

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I believe that everything I’ve gained in this period of time is enormous. I refer to experience, to developing the capacity to assimilate reproaches, diplomacy, patience, etc. Critics have helped me improve my editorial work; they are the diamonds that I gladly receive whenever someone is open, aiming for improvement and wanting to find continuous ways to add value to the already existing content. But most importantly, I’ve created stories around this community. Tales that they are liked and that people read. Everybody is fascinating if you give them the opportunity to manifest themselves freely. The solution of a good cohabitation in an ideological and communicative diversity consists of humanizing and giving up the attitude of infallibility.

I have also made friends. Many! Every click to an article I post makes us conversational partners. Although indirectly! I still fell you shy in expressing your opinions, but over time, I’m convinced that this way of networking will be improved, we will eliminate taboos and we will have the courage to dare to mature together. Because I, as well as anyone else, learn. Unfortunately, people think that if you start writing (even only online), you already make press. I don’t assign this role to me. I make blogging; I use my spare time to discuss the Ashihara-Karate phenomenon and I invite anyone who wants to add a tab to the AK MASTERS serial, respecting each other even if we are facing statements that we don’t like.

Beyond the financial investment that I assume for the people interested in Ashihara-Karate worldwide to have a source of information, for me everything that happens on this platform is emotion. I ain’t in a hurry to grow up fast, but rather to find a way for my articles to reach as many practitioners as possible, and my advices and ideas to be useful. I believe in equality, even if social status can differentiate us. If we always report to others from superiority (versus inferiority), then we lose our human quality. The AK MASTERS project has the ability to bring at the same communication table absolutely anything which and anyone who represents this martial arts style. And, very importantly, it can do this by contextualizing universally, because it has all the strengths to accomplish its goal. I strongly believe that this blog makes the difference, and if someone considers it uncomfortable, then it means he/she has not matured. This is not the first time I say that I’m not interested in any particular organization and I have no obligation towards any of them, but if they are internationally, then they have to learn to accept multiculturalism.