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Since early 90’s, an European group separated from the Japanese organization. The reason was the policy that was being pursued, which resulted in different countries having distanced themselves from Japan. For 50 years I have been involved in martial arts, of which the last 30 years in Ashihara, also experienced Japanese society and culture in a period more than 22 years at a time when we visited and fought in Japanese Karate, Kudo (Daidōjuku), K-1, Pancrase and Pride, so some experience in this is present.

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I don’t want to go into all the political opinions of other organizations, there has been enough debate on all kinds of media platforms. Sadly enough, some organizations throw mud at each other, which ultimately results in dissatisfaction and separation. Anyone who has followed our organization in the course of time can confirm that we are experiencing strong growth and then the question is what the reason for this is.

In the first place, we are very accessible with regard to costs within the organization: a lifetime membership for a nil amount, exams that are affordable, tournaments that don’t demand exorbitant amounts. Money is not our motive! I don’t travel in business class, I don’t ask for pocket money, in most cases I pay my trips myself.

The driving force is spread out knowledge, inspire people and create harmony in a democratic organization in which members have their own free will. From our style, many athletes are active in MMA, Kickboxing and other styles and broaden their horizons and we strongly support this. We don’t create our own kingdoms and we are open for all that will contribute to develop our students and their environment. In addition, a close-knit group that provides everything together and has a strong relationship.

In previous publications I have indicated that the harmony and bringing together people through sport is one of the main targets of our organization (click here). I feel responsible for the AIKO members and like to keep in touch with branch chiefs and instructors and hear first hand the informations, ideas and what is going on among the members, that is why I do my best to visit the events regularly and give support where possible.

Dave Jonkers