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The NIKO Ashihara-Karate World Championship (6th edition) will take place on 8-10 November, in the sport complex Mangistau Arena, in Aktau (Kazakhstan). “This is the first time the competition is held in Asia. Another premiere is that Honbu will send for a team to participate in this event. Ashihara-Karate is traditionaly highly developed in the countries of Europe and Russia, has received strong development in Central Asia, which will be represented by such countries as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, as well as one of the largest countries of Front Asia by Azerbaijan. I think this year will be remembered by the fact that many new members of NIKO will put their teams on the world championship for the first time”, says Igor Otarov, Organization Committee Manager.

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Athletes have to pay 300 Euros participation fee, while the referees – 200 Euros. Consequently, I made a more accurate simulation of the plane ticket price, and the smallest value begins around 1,000 Euros. So, the 19,000 Euros funding received from the Romanian Government can cover travel and / or participation costs for a very small number of athletes, maximum 20 people depending on the leaders’ option. Also, the national team coaches will have to make a choice between the possibility of obtaining more medals due to the kata competition (where Romania excels) and the pride of being present in kumite competition and to engage in wear battles (possibly with small chances of success) with many representatives that the countries near Kazakhstan will have and, also, the host.

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