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For AK MASTERS, the year 2018 was evolving, especially because I moved the “center of gravity” from general analysis of the Ashihara-Karate movement to people representative of this martial arts style. As a result, I made steps forward in achieving the proposed objective of creating an online platform through which topical and interesting topics are discussed. And most importantly, people have the guarantee that they can express themselves freely, that they are important, that their opinions are listened to and promoted. I can only thank all of you who have accepted my invitations to dialogue and I look forward to future meetings with people open-minded and willing to contribute to the true fulfillment of the Ashihara-Karate universal family, regardless of organization.

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Because we are in the period when we set new goals, I sincerely say that in 2019 I want also to be close to people. I want to participate in as many events in the Ashihara-Karate world and to relate your emotions, translated into both successes and failures. And I want to achieve the main purpose for which I launched this blog in 2017, but I will not give details now, because I intend to surprise you. Hope in a pleasant way! I know it sounds… mysteriously, but lately I’ve been very dedicated to it. AK MASTERS is the project with which I identify, in which I invest a lot of passion and which gives me the opportunity to manifest myself as I wish, without being constrained by all sorts of opposing hierarchies.

Last but not least, the year 2019 will come with a new rethink of the editorial policy. Maybe a little more individualistic, given the huge amount of energy I’ve been making since the launch of the blog so far to make people understand the need to build an online community around the Ashihara-Karate martial arts style, efforts which have often been completed with disappointments. However, there were also receptive people, especially from the younger generation, who showed such a personality not considering compromising their image by their appearance on AK MASTERS. Sometimes responsibility is best manifested by constructive criticism that aims to resolve problems, not by the attitude of always saying good things because of the fear of repercussions from those who allocate their right to lead.

Concluding, the most important thing I became aware of in 2018 was the benefit of the existence of several Ashihara-Karate international organizations. I characterize this as being healthy, because people gather in structures according to their own perceptions regarding this martial arts style and don’t let themselves be subjugated by the authority of some or others who want to impose an imperative global methodology.